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Our Mission

Several thousand years ago a pretty cool prophet named Micah said to his people, “What’s required of us?”  In other words, What’s our purpose?  What’s life about?  Then he answered his own question in this way.  

“Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly.” Micah 6:8

Several hundred years later another hip guy named Jesus went about doing justice by feeding the hungry, empowering women, freeing the oppressed, healing the sick, and speaking truth to power.  He challenged strict interpretation of religious laws when they were no longer life-giving.


Downtown Disciples accept Micah's prophetic call and follow the way
of Jesus.

Downtown Disciples living out our mission in the community! 

Peace & Justice statements from our   denomination, Disciples of Christ

Doing Justice

 We firmly believe that the Christian call is to fight structures of oppression. You'll find us at protests, marches and community meetings fighting unjust actions and structures. We stand unapologetically with and for the LGBTQ community, racial justice, peace, and human rights. We are proud to be certified Open and Affirming by the Disciples of Christ GLAD Alliance. It is our desire to not only do justice, but also be a just space. We are a trans-inclusive space, welcoming of gender diverse individuals and families with gender diverse children.


Loving Kindness

We perform acts of kindness rooted in our broader critique of unjust social structures. This work is done through our service at homeless shelters, laundromats, and our own worship space. We seek to love kindnes through our words, our deeds, and our prayers. You can join us in our public acts of loving kindness here


Walking Humbly

Downtown Disciples will not store up treasures for ourselves when our neighbors are homeless, hungry, and oppressed.  We will not own a building or an exorbitant bank account. Our offerings help us engage in acts of social justice and our community, They empower us to bring racial and LGBTQ+justice,.serve the homeless and hungry, refugees, women seeking emergency shelter and freedom from human trafficking, and past offenders needing a fresh start.

Black Lives Matter


Charleston and Beyond: Terror, Intimidation and the Burning of Black Churches


On Gun Violence


A Call to End Solitary Confinement


Support for the Iran Deal


Concerning Environmental Racism


Becoming a People of Welcome and Support to People with Mental Illness

"Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly Together."
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